Benefits of subscribing “The Positive”

Eight wonders to subscribe the “Positive”

  • Stay updated and well informed

Latest information about different topics can help students to be updated with latest trend and keep students well informed. It enables students to take part in every discussion pertaining to the world’s current events.  Students can augment their knowledge and understanding by accessing very resourceful topics, articles etc from eNewsletter.  

  • First come access

By subscribing “The Positive”  eNewsletter, students/parents can often the first to receive time-sensitive information such as competition, scholarship, contest and many more.

  • “The Positive” keeps students updated with current national and global level competitions.

Students will not miss very important competition/contest and can put their ideas globally, prepare their selves, can win cash prizes, free trip, goodies etc by participating in the competition and will not regret later saying that I have missed this or that opportunities in my school time because of lack of information.

  • “The Positive” keeps students updated with current national and global level scholarship opportunities.

Students will not miss very important scholarship during their school time, can learn about the scholarship, prepare themselves, participate and can win scholarship.

  • Participate in glocal level competition/contest that can enhance students’ writing skill

Students can explore on global issues, gather information and organise it in well manner that can enhance their digital literacy, skill to collect right information from right websites and organising their write up in well manner.

  •  Participate in glocal level competition/contest can enhance students’ knowledge, skills, understanding and talent

Students can explore on global issues, gather information and upgrade their self with global topics, can learn about the topics by accessing information from different websites, learn to organise the information related to topics and other skills.

  • ‘The Positive” makes students a good orator

Students get information on various topics from newsletter. They become a good orator and it helps them in taking active part in debates and speeches. This is very necessary for an orator to possess sound knowledge on multiple topics.

  • ‘The Positive”  travels with you

“The Positive” can  travel with you with your smart phone. It can be read anytime from your inbox and you can access information from anytime, anywhere.

Regular Email Alert

  • You will receive a regular email alert once any new opportunities, competition, scholarship, event is posted on the website.